Outsource to make your business grow better faster!


Dear Entrepreneur, Consultant, Startup and Small Professional Firm,

You work hard to build your business.  You are the marketer, networker, tech help.  You are the marketing wonk, the traffic strategist and the virtual assistant. You are the publicist and staff writer.  And, still serve your clients well.It’s all you. That can be quite a burden.

Let me help you with that.

My name is Dina, and I’m known as the GPS to the best virtual help. My mission is to encourage you to harness the power of outsourcing for your business.  You can grow your income, visibility and be more organized through outsourcing. As a 20 year entrepreneur, I want to show you my secrets for finding the best global talent and putting  them to work for you.

I wrote the book!


The Essential Fiverr Buyer’s Guide is the first buyers guide to teach step-by-step how to delegate, select the right provider, manage your gig and get great results. After reading it, you’ll be ready to outsource your first project with confidence.


Want to know how your business can benefit specifically from outsourcing?

Here’s how we can work together

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  1. Hi – am looking for the 4 part process map…is it here?

  2. Hi, I’m part of the Bloom project and I would love to see your 4 step clarity map process, but didn’t see where to Click Here for that.
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  3. hi, I was wondering how I obtain your 4 step clarity map process as part of the free gift from the Bloom program.

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  4. I want what everyone is asking for (smile)
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