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Is this you?


  • You have an idea for a digital product- an ebook or ecourse- but don’t know how to get started.
  • You have a ton of content and you  have no idea what would make a profitable product.
  • You’ve tried to put together a podcast, video, ecourse but it’s not working the way you want.

I can help you figure out what went wrong and what to do next time to get it right.


Ok, you’re in the right place!


I guide smart self-employed folks, small business owners and consultants like you to easily transform your content, whatever it is,  into a profitable digital product that brings you income, exposure and new clients. Learn to craft, market and launch an effective, meaningful and profitable product![bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="11.png" width="" alignment="center"]

Dina Eisenberg

Dina Eisenberg JD InfoProduct Doctor

I’m here to be your trusted advisor and take you by the hand for a step-by-step journey through my innovative program, Upcycle It!

Upcycle It!  teachs anyone  who has  a lot of expertise & knowledge and a passion how to create entertaining, effective and meaningful ecourses, webinars, subscription products and memberships  that leverage your unique skills to generate sustainable income and more free time.

 My unique system to information products is informed by the best minds in online marketing and proven by experience. I have created eleseminars, webinars, ebooks, ecourses, summits, VIP days, membership sites and more. I’ve been there and done that so I can tell you exactly the best path to success.


If you’re ready to reap the benefits of your hard work and grab more satisfaction and sales, let’s sit down for a free 30 minute Discovery session.  No fluff, we’ll work through one of your questions while getting to know each other.  Schedule your time with me now

Eager beaver ready to go?  Excellent!  Book your Clarity Session so we can percolate on those good ideas right now!

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